The People of Church

The Kirk Session

The Kirk Session is made up of men and women who have been ordained as elders. The Session, comprising about 30 people in our case, are charged with the overall care of the congregation’s life and witness and in particular with the routine contact with the homes and families of the parish. The Session Clerk is the Secretary of the Session and the head of its administration and affairs.

The Congregational Board

The Congregational Board consists of elected members of the congregation together with the elders of the Kirk Session. It meets about six times a year, plus its committee work, in doing the overall ‘housekeeping’ of the congregation – property maintenance, hall usage, and all the financial arrangements of our income and expenditure. Through its clerk, ie secretary, it reports to the Annual Business Meeting of the congregation.

The Board’s work is divided into three main groups:


Responsible for Christian giving, budgeting, fund-raising and all congregational expenses.
Treasurer – Brian Slattery.


Responsible for maintenance of all church property.


Responsible for assigning all church accommodation.
To enquire about booking any of the facilities, contact the Clerk.

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