The Time Capsule

Time CapsuleThe Time Capsule, a sealed lead container, was incorporated into the structure of the new belfry.

Much thought went into the contents of the Capsule in order to give future generations something to think and wonder about and  a real impression of life in Auchtermuchty and Dunshalt in the early twenty-first century.

No-one knows for how long these items will stay there or when they will ever see the light of day again.

After much debate the following items have been placed into the Capsule and are to sealed up within the structure of the new belfry.

Church Organisations -

  • Photographs of -
      • Minister
      • Kirk Session
      • Congregational Board Choir
      • First Thursday Club - photo signed on back
      • Carpet Bowls
      • Guild photo plus syllabus and guild badge.
  • List of all members of Board & Session
  • Signatures of all who attended Worship on Sunday 17th November 2002
  • Summary of the Belfry Saga
  • Belfry Appeal Leaflet

Community Organisations -

  • Guiding Movement - Promise cards signed by each group.
  • Scouting Movement - Photos of each group with names on back.
  • Air Training Corps - Montage of photos plus squadron badge etc.
  • Community Centre - Recent newsletter.
  • W.R.I.m- Syllabus
  • Theatre Group - Photo of group and brief history.
  • Community Association - Copy of Royal Charter and Coat of Arms
  • Stratheden Curling Clubs - Photos and fixture cards plus badges.
  • Festival Society - Festival programme and t-shirt.

Additional -

  • Business card and photo of stonemason, Les Balfour,  who was responsible for most of the work.
    (He asked to put in his card in case he was looking for work in 100 years' time!)

Time Capsule