The partnership link between Auchtermuchty Church and CCAP Namadzi Church, Malawi was established in 2009 with the mission of ‘Walking, working and worshipping together’. During the past 6 years several visits of members and ministers have taken place in both directions, deepening the relationship and understanding among members of both churches of the culture, church community and challenges of the other. Details of the last Faithshare visit can be found here:
Faithshare 2014 Report

Recently we received first-hand accounts of the impact of the floods which devastated the region in January 2015.   The area around Namadzi was one of the worst affected areas of Malawi. The Auchtermuchty Partnership group met to plan ways of supporting recovery from the floods, and an application was made to the Beit Trust/Scotland Malawi Partnership minigrant flood recovery programme. Our application was successful and £2300 was sent to Namadzi to support replanting of crops, crop diversification, and reversing soil degradation. Reports on the implementation of the project indicate how a little can so such a long way, with a high level of success in the community in bringing people together to mitigate flood damage. Read the final project report here:
Flood Recovery Project Final Report

The Partnership group are now exploring ways of supporting another priority for Namadzi church community, assisting child-headed families. Around 1000 children and young people are in sibling and kinship care within Namadzi parish. We continue to seek ways of engaging with young people for future reciprocal visits to Namadzi.

We are grateful for the continuing support of Church of Scotland World Mission, and the Scotland-Malawi Partnership.